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The TFS Transportation Directory is your one place to find information about companies, services and products that will help you get into the transportation business.  Dare to compare information that you will easily find in this all encompassing directory. TFS and the Transportation Directory will give you on-going support and a place for you to access any information or help that you need.  In addition to information and support, TFS has a notary in our offices in Pensacola Fl.

The below directory allows you to filter and search for a variety of things, including carriers and brokers across the USA, Mexico and Canada.  Using the directory, you will be able to see 5 records at a time.  If you wish to purchase the complete database you can do so by visiting our store.  Also available are links for Load Boards, news articles, documents, and research using our powerful search tool.

Scroll down to do a keyword search for information in the Transportation Directory or use the buttons below to go directly to the different categories.
Purchase complete databases in our store at including SHIPPER databases for the USA starting at $4.99 per state.

If you would like to submit your company information to be included in the Transportation Directory, you can use the form at the bottom of the page.  Your listing will be completely free of charge and will be accessible to hundreds of thousands of transportation professionals.

In the Toolbox you will find different forms and information that will help you both run and set up your transportation company.  You can download the forms, but if you need help, TFS staff are ready and waiting to answer any of your questions!

Transportation Directory – Listings by Category

Below are buttons to the main categories in the directory, there are however many more that are accessible via either a search of linking on the links below the search for keywords box below.

Transportation Directory – Information and Downloads

Search for a company below by entering keywords such as “USA” or “Broker” or company name, or click on the advanced search link to filter information by multiple criteria.

Please submit your information below to be part of the Transportation Directory.  Your information will be reviewed and added to directory upon approval.
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