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Supply Chain Podcast from DAT

Check out the lastest podcasts from DAT and Freightvine.  A GREAT way to keep up to day while on the road…just listen in!

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COVID-19 and TFSMall

The team at TFSMall are thinking about our clients, and all members in the transportation industry.  We are in a unique and vulnerable situation.  The transportation industry is the backbone of the United States.  Within the current health epidemic across the world, logistics will become even more important.

We are all at risk in contracting and being diagnosed with the COVID-19 (Corona) flu virus, so we wanted to share with you the guidelines directly from the CDC to reducing your risk.  This is the link that you need to follow to access the most up to date information.

Please be sure to work from home if you can, wash your hands more than usual and for an extended period, refrain from touching face and look after the more vulnerable such as the elderly and those with underlying ailments that could make them more susceptible.

Overall, do not panic.  Follow the guidelines and stay safe.

The team at

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Starting your Transportation Business – Steps 1 and 2 – Getting legal! Getting your first client! Let TFS help you!

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EPA Seeks Comment for Cleaner Trucks Initiative

EPA Seeks Comment for Cleaner Trucks Initiative

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Andrew Wheeler

MARSHALL, Va. — Federal environmental regulators on Jan. 6 announced a call for public input to assist with the development of new guidance for emissions standards targeting commercial vehicles.

At a livestock exchange in the western part of Virginia, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler explained the Cleaner Trucks Initiative aims to reduce oxides of nitrogen, or NOx, emissions and streamline regulations.

“The U.S. has made major reductions in NOx emissions, but through this initiative we will continue to reduce emissions, while spurring innovative new technologies, ensuring heavy-duty trucks are clean and remain a competitive method of transportation,” Wheeler said.

In its advance notice of proposed rulemaking unveiled Jan. 6, the agency explained the initiative is a “holistic rethinking of emission standards and compliance.” The public comment period will last 30 days after the notice is published in the Federal Register.

The input the agency receives would assist in shaping guidance to reduce in-use emissions under broad operating conditions. Additionally, the rule would be designed to enable effective technological solutions while considering cost impacts. It also would seek to promote fair and effective compliance and enforcement provisions, incentivize early compliance and innovation, ensure a coordinated nationwide program, and engage with stakeholders, the agency indicated.

EPA intends to unveil proposed guidance this year based on the feedback it receives, followed by a final rule possibly as early as 2021, the administrator indicated.

The Trump administration had announced in 2018 it would tackle this issue. EPA informed that a revision of NOx standards for on-highway heavy-duty trucks and engines occurred in 2001. According to estimates the agency provided, heavy-duty vehicles remain among the largest contributors to NOx emissions despite reductions of about 40% for such emissions between 2007 to 2017.

Epa by Transport Topics on Scribd

Several stakeholders who joined Wheeler at the announcement of the advance notice of proposed rulemaking applauded the agency’s move.

“ATA is committed to continuing to work closely with EPA on developing the next generation of low-NOx emitting trucks through the Cleaner Trucks Initiative,” American Trucking Associations Executive Vice President of Advocacy Bill Sullivan said. “To this end, the trucking industry seeks one national, harmonized NOx emissions standard that will result in positive environmental progress while not compromising truck performance and delivery of the nation’s goods.”

“EPA’s announcement on the Cleaner Trucks Initiative is a productive step toward updating standards for on-highway heavy-duty trucks and engines to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter,” Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies Executive Director Jason Sloan said.

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Forming a Company: Part 1 of 5 series for Carriers

Forming a Company: Part 1 of 5 series for Carriers

Even though Motor Carriers, just as with Brokers and Freight Forwarders have been subjected to profound regulatory changes since implementation of various elements of (A) the “Motor Carrier Act of 1980”, (B) “The Interstate Commerce Termination Act of 1995”, and (C) the omnibus transportation funding bill in 2012 under the short title “Moving Ahead in the 21st Century Act”, the nature of such changes applicable to Motor Carriers since full implementation of the 1980 Act alone, as perpetuated through subsequent ICC rule-making right up until that agency was unsettled through the 1995 Act, already had simplified the economic regulatory aspects of their operations to the extent  of full maturity prior to the impact of such further major legislative initiatives.  In other words, unlike both categories of transportation intermediaries characterized above yet to be subject to final economic rule-making by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT), Motor Carriers have yet to be subject to final rule-making by that agency, with respect to the full implementation of Electronic Logging Devices and other safety and environmental measures.

Nevertheless, given the regulations of such avenues of Brokers, Freight Brokers, and direct shipper interactions with Motor Carriers now facilitated by what have become vastly simplified “operating authority”, “bill of lading” (read “contract of carriage”), “rate confirmation”, and “insurance certification” forms and procedures, as implemented through the currently revised iteration of Parts 300 to 399 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) whatever further accommodations to new safety regulations interstate Motor Carriers are still adjusting to the procedures for business entities seeking to patronize such transportation service providers remain straight forward and easily understandable.

Essentially, the number one requirement for a Broker, Freight Forwarder, or Shipper seeking the services of an FMCSA regulated “motor carrier” engaged In “for hire carrier”  within the meaning of 49 CFR 387.5, whether or not as an “exempt” interstate carrier with only a DOT registration number, for movements exempt from economic regulation in interstate commerce, or operating also as an “authorized carrier within the meaning of CFR 376.2 (a) with both a DOT and MC registration number, for movements subject to economic regulation in interstate, is to ensure must meet criteria as prescribed by laws passed by Congress and signed by the President.  Once again, all parties involved in such transactions would have access to the final fully implemented elements of such legal imparities as published in the currently revised iteration of CFR of CFR 49 Parts 300 to 399.

More particularly, it is critically important to Brokers, Freight Forwarders, or Shippers the true meaning of “Carrier Qualifications”. and how to read the FMCSA web site, and familiarize themselves with all of the requirements of a bona fide interstate Motor Carrier.  For example, to determine whether they’re dealing with a legitimate transportation service provider, or party seeking to verify such credentials may log onto the FMCSA website at ( and click onto “Licensing and Insurance”).  This site allows a perspective user the opportunity to verify both Motor Carrier liability insurance and the filing of a BOC3 (“Residence filing”).  The website facilitates the “Licensing and Insurance” site.  When you arrive at this site you are able to input their MC number, and it will bring up their profile.  This profile will indicate their status as either active, inactive, or pending authority.

Users may also click on “Active/Pending Insurance” on the FMCSA, which would display such a Motor Carrier’s insurance company, and if there is a cancellation date of such a Motor Carrier’s insurance.  To be sure, such a form also shows the amount of liability insurance that a Motor Carrier has on file.  The “” site also reveals their business profile, the number of trucks they operate, their safety status, DOT number, and prospective user’s reference whether brokering or otherwise arranging. For movement of hazardous material, a prospective user must also ask for such a Motor Carrier’s Hazmat License issued by the DOT, and for any state, the carrier delivers to or transverse through.  Many states  require a (“HazMat”) filing in addition to the (“USDOT”).  Also, the driver must have a valid CDL with a HazMat filing endorsement on their license.

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How to use a load board: DAT TruckersEdge

How to use a load board: DAT TruckersEdge

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The Learning Center

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Contract Permit Versus Common Carrier Certificate

Contract Permit Versus Common Carrier Certificate

A word of caution when contracting a common carrier, as common carriers authorized by the Public Law that sunset the Interstate Commerce Commission, an act entitled “ICC Termination Act of 1995).  Entering Into a contract with a common carrier can be risky since common carriers have published rates in addition to the “spot rate”


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Transport Financial Services LLC, herein referred to as “TFS” has been an intricate role in the lives of motor carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders for several generations. TFS depicts today’s technology in the futuristic business platform website,  Since opening its Shopping Mall in 2017 the transportation industry has evolved to include Electronic Logging Devices, compliance requirements, immediate access to a central location to Process Agent services for obtaining and retaining authorities.

As TFS expands it literally has become the center of the transportation industry, and exemplifies the phrase “One Stop Transportation Shop”.  The mall is more than just a Transportation Shopping Mall, but the destination for all members in this industry.  We welcome Network Providers…Shippers…Factoring Companies, and all parties interested in designing successful logistic operations to enjoy shopping at “One” convenient location, , the Center of it All!  TFS has incredible services, and there’s always something exciting happening so make your Transportation “Go To” Network.

TFSs primary goal is to be the first responder in reconciling all transportation matters, and provide Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant products.  Prepare yourself with information and emergency (911) support from a cohesive team of trained transportation professionals working as to meet the industries transportation needs.  Let us help set-up your business, and provide increased opportunities for a successful logistics operation.

The “Mall Concept” was designed for expansion of all transportation services at a “Central Location with live agents, and to never close.  “State to State” shipper data bases, insurance monitoring creates economic stability for carriers…brokers… and freight forwarders.

Contact Transport Financial Services Legal Department with your questions on legal issues and get real answers for more efficient daily operation in lieu of paying attorneys to research issues, and finding no real answers to daily operation issues.


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Goal:  Focus on Education

Goal:  Focus on Education

Transport Financial Services, herein “TFS” strives to meet platinum standards by remained focused on education and developing the most precious commodity in this industry, “Career Minded Transportation Professionals”.

TFS, remains committed to new members interested in pursuing a career in transportation.  TFS processing center is open 24 hours a day providing Process Agents, support services, and direct referrals for products that we may not provide.  Being a Business owner is sometimes very difficult, and requires a cohesive “Network” to “MINIMIZE THE STRESS” of set-up, and building a networking data-base.  Transportation professionals make your wish come true.

From set-up to a running business can be done with-in 72 hours, but he FMCSA has additional days for you to meet all compliance requirements for a bond/trust for broker, and liability insurance for carriers.  Just say “I want to become a broker or carrier” and become one, or both.  Asset based transportation firms are readily accepted.  Now that you’re the “Boss”, what’s next.

As a broker or carrier we provide all support for obtaining (set-up) and retaining authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA and Department of Transportation (DOT).   You apply by 9a.m., and know by 4;00 p.m. if you are approved.

Shippers, Carriers, and broker Networking Data Bases are valuable tool to market and network with your counter-parts across the borders. Meet Your Neighbors Now with these data bases which are available updated quarterly through the FMCSA and DOT.  Gain valuable international contacts, develop great trusting business alliance, and meet industry leaders to further promote your business.

We provide all Contracts and Agreements for carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders to solidify your partnership with shippers, and among themselves.

The contract is the answer to all legal matters, it is document that two people mutually agreed-upon.  Be certain that your contracts are clear and concise!

TFS provides a refresher on-line training course on most Transportation Matters.  Our Transportation Consultants begin by determining your needs, and build the from there.    WE provide quality information so that you can make better decisions instead of just trial and error.

Transportation Professionals are located at one (1) Central Processing Center working as a cohesive team to listen to your needs, assess, and provide options in of your success.  There is a distinct difference between “Theory” and real day-to-day logistics operations.

TFS is that next level  you need.  Everything starts with a business plan  and we can help, and assist in job related training for “THAT” next level.  Specialize training with retainer agreements with consults are available, so is marketing and web designs.

Go to for communication, and an open interactive business platform, to for support and services, and for training, and call our corporate office at 850.433.2294 now.

Let us help you set up your business, and help make your weaknesses strengths to improve on your current social and communication skills.  Let us assis you in securing funding required to build your business by providing:

  1. Embracing current technology.
  2. Providing real answers to daily operation issues.
  3. Being the 1st responder to assist in reconciling your 911s
  4. Reaching out for progress status of Monitoring Service
  5. Modern Business Principle
  6. Letting TFS be your GPS
  7. Choosing us as your go to Network
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