All credit applications, even with past bankruptcies will be taken and reviewed on a case by case basis by a reputable bankruptcy attorney.  Those applicants with a 720 FICA Score or better, with no bankruptcies, will receive a lower APR on their thirty-year (30) fixed rate $75,000 loan than those with bankruptcies.

We at TFS, do our research and identify those business owners that are genuine.  Everyone that applies for a BMC-85 must be screened 100% and all information will be considered in our review of your business needs.

We are here to help you get started in business, and will work with you to ensure you are all set up with all the relevant paperwork and support that you need.


Transport Financial Services is here to help!

TFS applauds any person that has made financial mistakes, claimed bankruptcy, and has straightened their lives out to prove themselves “Credit Worthy.” TFS wants to give you that second chance, and work with you to get your business setup.

Any client looking for a surety provider will be considered based on the following minimum requirements:

  • To be licensed as a broker or freight forwarder
  • Must have an MC#, BOC3, and a BMC-84 Surety Bond, or a BMC-85 Trust Agreement.
  • Provide free access to DAT or Truckers Edge Load board. Central Dispatch for transporting is at their expense.

Where are you on the scale of setting up your business?

Surety Bond
Web Design
Find Carriers

TFS can help you get all of these milestones completed.  Either submit your questions below or call 850.433.2294 or email our CEO directly at and get your business started!

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