Opening a Transportation Business is now even EASIER!

Check out our package options and save!

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Getting Started! $195  

If you are just starting out with your new Transportation Business, let TFS get everything together for you! This package covers all the basics you need for your new company!  

  • Bond Application*  
  • Authority Letter  
  • Professional Corporate Contracts  
  • eTruckbook Membership  

Load boards Etc. $495  

Finding and booking loads is one of the hardest of all the steps. Let TFS give you some great guidelines to get some money flow into your business!  

  • Great Deal on Load board Subscriptions*  
  • Professional Corporate Contracts  
  • 3 Hours of Consultancy/Training  
  • Understanding Networking
  • eTruckbook Membership  

Marketing! $895  

Getting the message out requires work and dedication. This package covers the basics needed for marketing your transportation business.  

  • Business Website  
  • Social Media Setup  
  • 5 Shipper Databases or 1 region  
  • eTruckbook Membership  

Accounting Etc. $195  

Managing paperwork and financing is a learning curve! TFS can help and support!  

  • Factoring Information*  
  • Professional Corporate Contracts  
  • Basic QuickBooks Training  
  • eTruckbook Membership