The team at TFSMall has a focused mission. In all ways, we try to offer support, help and advice to anyone who works in the transportation & logistics industry.

During this terrible time, it is of prime importance that we all remain safe and well.

With such widespread issues it is tough to know where to start and how to help. The priority of our CEO, Marold Studesville, is and always will be the need to help and support.

During this time, keeping truckers and drivers on the road, and keeping them safe, is of prime importance. To begin with, Marold is currently trying to work with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to help get FREE masks and other sanitary supplies available to truckers/drivers at all Weigh Stations and Truck Stops across the USA.

TFSMall is also supporting any transportation organization that needs legal or consultancy advice in connection with the pandemic.

If you are able to help or support our efforts to protect truckers/drivers with masks and supplies please call Marold at 662.542.2908 or email him at