Goal:  Focus on Education

Transport Financial Services, herein “TFS” strives to meet platinum standards by remained focused on education and developing the most precious commodity in this industry, “Career Minded Transportation Professionals”.

TFS, remains committed to new members interested in pursuing a career in transportation.  TFS processing center is open 24 hours a day providing Process Agents, support services, and direct referrals for products that we may not provide.  Being a Business owner is sometimes very difficult, and requires a cohesive “Network” to “MINIMIZE THE STRESS” of set-up, and building a networking data-base.  Transportation professionals make your wish come true.

From set-up to a running business can be done with-in 72 hours, but he FMCSA has additional days for you to meet all compliance requirements for a bond/trust for broker, and liability insurance for carriers.  Just say “I want to become a broker or carrier” and become one, or both.  Asset based transportation firms are readily accepted.  Now that you’re the “Boss”, what’s next.

As a broker or carrier we provide all support for obtaining (set-up) and retaining authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA and Department of Transportation (DOT).   You apply by 9a.m., and know by 4;00 p.m. if you are approved.

Shippers, Carriers, and broker Networking Data Bases are valuable tool to market and network with your counter-parts across the borders. Meet Your Neighbors Now with these data bases which are available updated quarterly through the FMCSA and DOT.  Gain valuable international contacts, develop great trusting business alliance, and meet industry leaders to further promote your business.

We provide all Contracts and Agreements for carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders to solidify your partnership with shippers, and among themselves.

The contract is the answer to all legal matters, it is document that two people mutually agreed-upon.  Be certain that your contracts are clear and concise!

TFS provides a refresher on-line training course on most Transportation Matters.  Our Transportation Consultants begin by determining your needs, and build the from there.    WE provide quality information so that you can make better decisions instead of just trial and error.

Transportation Professionals are located at one (1) Central Processing Center working as a cohesive team to listen to your needs, assess, and provide options in of your success.  There is a distinct difference between “Theory” and real day-to-day logistics operations.

TFS is that next level  you need.  Everything starts with a business plan  and we can help, and assist in job related training for “THAT” next level.  Specialize training with retainer agreements with consults are available, so is marketing and web designs.

Go to www.eTruckBook.com for communication, and an open interactive business platform, to www.TFSMall.com for support and services, and www.Transportation.school for training, and call our corporate office at 850.433.2294 now.

Let us help you set up your business, and help make your weaknesses strengths to improve on your current social and communication skills.  Let us assis you in securing funding required to build your business by providing:

  1. Embracing current technology.
  2. Providing real answers to daily operation issues.
  3. Being the 1st responder to assist in reconciling your 911s
  4. Reaching out for progress status of Monitoring Service
  5. Modern Business Principle
  6. Letting TFS be your GPS
  7. Choosing us as your go to Network